Which businesses really wake people up?

Can everything we buy be aligned with the heart?

Containers on ship
Where does the stuff we buy come from?
Which businesses really focus on reducing the impact of their supply chain, operations and distribution?
Here we conduct an in depth study to find companies that really deserve our support.
Collaboration at the office
There's something exceedingly special about each business in our coalition:
🌱 an unprecedented concern for the environment
🏭 a real eye for supplier's work conditions
🏖 helping customers achieve real wellbeing
🏚 innovative approaches to solving social issues
🥑 spreading wholesomeness and consciousness
🏞 implementing a paradigm of selflessness and collaboration
Business ideals
Increasing performance through collaboration.
Unexpected models that make you – and others – thrive.
What can you gain from joining our coalition?
If your business is a good fit with our community, you'll get countless benefits.
We're serving a highly unified, highly selective new market.
Just imagine the possibilities...
How can your business be reshaped and repositioned as a powerful agent of transformation?

What we
work towards

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Selective consumerism, refined

Which organizations are truly focused on making this a better world, through everything that they do? As consumers, we can set the incentives for businesses to study their products, operations, distribution and supply chains so as to become truly sustainable. As we grow in consciousness, we naturally become more selective in who we support – and certain businesses really go above and beyond the scope of their offerings to align with the commands of the heart. Find out who they are and what they do, help us define criteria and separate the wheat from the chaff.


A coalition for the new era

Welcome to a selective community of businesses focused on cooperation rather than competition, on spreading awareness and leaving no traces, and supported by consumers committed to seeing love manifested in the material. We are a tight-knit group focused on people, profit and planet, yes – but most importantly, we are waking people up and shaping a new reality around us, one imbued with wholesomeness, peace and joy. Easier said than done, but we are here for each other and won't rest until we see your heart open and your eyes sparkle. ?

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Step it up with your business

It often takes all our energy just to manage our business and keep it profitable; to even think of stretching those goals to add more altruistic causes can seem totally overwhelming. That's why we provide tools and resources to simplify your life, rather than complicate it. The innovative modus operandi we suggest, the resources we pool and customer bases we share, the business solutions and profit-sharing models we employ can make your work a lot more fulfilling – and yes, profitable. It's the simple shift from me to we – and what a difference it makes!

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